6mm American Civil War

Recently Matt, Kieron and I attended The Joy of Six, a wargames show specifically promoting 6mm war gaming.

We had been talking about starting a new project for a while and 6mm seemed to be a good choice. The scale allows for more real-feeling army sizes that can be painted very quickly.

Once everyone was on board with the idea, we needed to choose a setting. Initially I was mostly interested in the American Revolutionary War, we discussed it over a coffee and Matt and Kieron wanted to do American Civil War, so a few minutes later we were buying American Civil War guys.

This was a Baccus sponsored event, so the miniatures we bought are from the Baccus range. Matt and Kieron purchased Union soldiers (Eastern and Western) and I bought some Confederate guys with a view to encouraging Pete to buy some more later on.

There are about 200 soldiers in the pack I bought, I also bought a pack of Confederate generals.


A few of the models black primed.


The finished models, including flags.


Robert E. Lee addresses his troops.


Troops in formation.



The General bringing up the rear.

It took me a while to get round to painting them but once I got started I pretty quickly managed to get together enough troops for a sample game. We’ve elected to use the Black Powder rule set, I’ve never played this but Matt and Kieron have so I’m sure they’ll help/berate me with the rules.


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