Bolt Action Objective

Pete suggested we should each make a Bolt Action objective, something that an enemy would want to capture. He suggested it could be anything, and could be ‘funny’ if we wanted it to be.


The green disc of potential.

I googled for cutting edge technology the US could have had during the war. The most appropriate thing that appeared was the Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee, a flying platform that while strictly wasn’t developed during the war was close enough for me to say that it was being developed in secret at that time. Searching for miniature of this model that were appropriate for Bolt Action 28mm scale was difficult, eventually I found a Japanese website which had exactly what I was looking for, I had to order the model entirely using Google translate, but within 2 weeks it had arrived.


The boxed VZ-1.


The model in it’s packaging.


The strange bag that came in the box.


What was inside the bag was stranger, a purple floral sherbet type substance. I assume the model is actually something that is usually dispensed from a Japanese vending machine, and the sherbet is an enticement for children.


A suggestion for what the VZ-1 might have developed into had it been successful.

The finished model and its appearance in a game. Unfortunately I lost the game.






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