6mm American Civil War – First Game

So the other night we played our first game of 6mm American Civil War. We used the Black Powder rule set which Matt and Kieron are familiar with (but haven’t played for a while), but Pete and I are not. A lot of time was spent flipping through the pages of the rulebook and teaching us the rules.

Black Powder’s main mechanic is the concept of giving units orders and seeing if the unit carries out those orders. This is an attempt to make the game feel more realistic for the period and can result in some situations where a unit might only complete half of the orders it was given and end up in an exposed position or even not complete any orders at all.

The game works well, there are many things which are different to the other rule sets I have played, such as the necessity to put units in different formations and the requirement to use an order to ‘wheel’ a unit when attempting to navigate around an obstacle. It’s also unique (so far at least) in that there isn’t really a points based system for working out evenly matched sides. To quote Kieron:

Yo ass may brang what tha frack you wish ta tha table n’ if I have mo’ shiznit than you do, then thatz just war.

— Kieron (I paraphrased a little, thanks Gizoogle.)


An aerial view of the battle, my forces are on the middle left, occupying the farmhouse and slowly being killed by Kieron’s larger force. Pete’s brigade is on the right tackling Matt’s soldiers in the top right.

This first game was fairly short but I could see how with a lot more units and terrain it would be possible for a game to run to a few hours. I now have a good idea of how everything works though, and what types of units I need to paint. I still have a lot of infantry and some cavalry and cannon lying unpainted.


Pete’s Confederates.


Here some of my Confederate soldiers occupy the farmhouse. The large smoke column behind one of Kieron’s battalions is a marker indicating that they are disorganised.

In the end Matt and Kieron’s Union forces were triumphant, with Kieron’s forces gunning down my remaining Confederates as they attempted to flee from the battlefield.

I enjoyed the game and can see it’s potential, we all just need to paint more stuff now.


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