So recently Kieron’s been quite keen to get us all playing the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models. I’ve played a couple of games against him and having enoyed them decided that I would create my own ‘gang’ for the game.

I’m a fan of the Arrow TV Show and when Kieron mentioned that Knight Models made a Green Arrow model I decided I would try to build a gang based around characters from the show.

The official Knight Models models are quite expensive at £12 a go (the most I’ve ever paid for a single model) and the Green Arrow model I received had more flash (excess metal that needs to be cut off) for one model than I’ve had before. Once I’d cut this off the model is of decent quality and given that I’m fairly new to this miniature painting lark (and therefore don’t have many points of reference) I can excuse it. However Knight Models appear to be struggling with Quality Assurance in other areas as well. Included in the pack is a character card for use in the game, the word Standard is missing a ‘d’, but more importantly the damage section of each arrow is missing any damage, a ‘-‘ in place of what should be two ‘bloods’. Knight Models make corrected and updated cards available on their website which you can print (and indeed the card has been corrected with the correct number of bloods but also with some confusingly written ‘Adaptable’ help text), but I paid £12 for this and the damage section is a pretty essential area to miss. The card even manages to cut the head off of the small picture of Green Arrow at the top.


The flawed character card.

Rant over, onto the model painting.


The unassembled parts of the model.

Once the model was assembled it was beginning to become intimidating to paint, I was concerned I couldn’t do it justice.


The back of the pack suggests a painting style which is based on comic book appearances of Green Arrow. I’m after a model representing the darker coloured costume from the TV Show.


Back of the pack.


The ‘Arrow’ costume.


The colour choices I used to paint the model.

The final painted model. Ultimately I’m pleased with the final effort, the dark colours of the costume make for a difficult model to paint and successfully keep a clear seperation of colour. It’s by no means amazing and a little shinier then I’d like but looks appropriately dark when in actual play.


The Arrow moving back towards his green ‘Arrow Mobile’,


Patrolling the streets of Starling City.

Next I’ll be re-painting a couple of Heroclix models, Huntress and Black Canary to add to the Arrow’s gang.


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