Pete Sucks at Bolt Action!

It’s been a while!

Today I went to the Newark Irregulars war-gaming show. Having recently bought a couple of bits of wood so that I can have a bigger gaming table and acquiring a gaming mat from a fellow war-gamer, I decided that I required some terrain. 

To this end I successfully bought some road, hedgerows and trees, a small selection of walls and a fox hole. Matt bought some river pieces.

The layout for the game.

Matt and I decided that we would have a game of Bolt Action after the show. I would use my US army and he would use his as-yet-undefeated French army, they would fight in the French countryside in a ‘what if?’ scenario. 

The randomly selected Bolt Action scenario for this game was Envelopment (Attackers have to get across the board), we also chose to implement the ‘Night Rules’ additional ruleset which, due to its use of a ‘roll-to-see’ mechanic, makes for a completely different style of gameplay.

I’m not going to write a full game report, but here’s a few in-game photos with “hilarious” captions.

A French officer finds a gap in some hedgerow to retreat through.

A US NCO halts his infantry unit after learning that the French forces have already surrendered to a passing postman.

Not wanting to contravene the hypocratic oath, the French medic team challenges the US Second Lieutenant to a dance-off.

The French really did spend a lot of time hiding in those trees.

The US mortar team regroups after being completely useless for the entirety of the game.

At the end of the game I’d managed to move my tank off the table and get two units into Matt’s set-up zone. Matt managed to kill just my heavy machine gun team, and my lone Second Lieutenant.

This meant I won the game 7-4! 

To explain the blog’s title: Pete has lost failed to beat Matt’s French twice now, I won a resounding victory. So bingo bango, Pete sucks at Bolt Action!

4 thoughts on “Pete Sucks at Bolt Action!

  1. So your mid/late war Americans beat Matt’s early war French?

    Well done you! 🙂

    On a separate note, the Americans did briefly fight the French during Operation Torch in North Africa, so there’s historical precedent. Your Stargate terrain might be more appropriate for that though.


    • Hey, that’s just war! Don’t give Pete excuses to use! Besides, isn’t the game mostly balanced for that? I did consider doing an Operation Torch army, but most of the infantry have to be inexperienced, which points wise, would have meant that I’d need about 74 men! I don’t have that many.


  2. I did have a look on easy army and found that Wes’ 10-man veteran Tough Fighters squads cost exactly 1 point more than my 10-man regular infantry. That’s bolt action’s weird points costs for weapons though.

    I did have some bad luck, but I wonder if I should have been more aggressive. Anyway, I’ll write it up for my blog at some point…


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