Obviously for security reasons that’s not me, but before all this began I was just as cool. 

It was in May of 2013 that I had my first breakthrough. For several months I had been subtly expressing interest in the war gaming hobby of a couple of nerdy individuals to whom I had been posing as a friend. For the purposes of confidentiality I’ll refer to them only as Matt and Pete. Once I had gained their trust they introduced me to another conspirator Kieron.

My objective was clear: infiltrate the close-knit war gaming circle of these clearly disturbed individuals and find out what it is about war gaming that is so appealing.

For a while all was proceeding as planned, my superiors were pleased, but, as with many undercover operations, I began to sympathise with and understand my subjects, and now, I’m in too deep.

I will use these pages to document all that I see and do.

I can only hope, that soon, those who sent me here will pull me back out.


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