The Indoctrination

A destructive cult uses countless techniques to get its members to stay, commit themselves and take part in what may be harmful activities. The sum of these techniques constitutes what some people call “mind control.” It’s also known as “thought reform,” “brainwashing” and “coercive persuasion,” and it involves the systematic breakdown of a person’s sense of self.

– HowStuffWorks

In the beginning we played a variety of board games for a few months, many of them bought my me, I believed this would ease my access into the group. Surprisingly I enjoyed many of these, my particular favourites were Spartacus, Lords of Waterdeep and Giants. However innocent these games might have seemed they were actually a prelude to this:


A diy miniature painting starter kit.

In order to properly start wargaming I needed to start painting some miniatures. The game of choice was Bolt Action a WW2 themed game. To get started I bought a set of just four US soldiers.


It’s over there!

I began by super-gluing each of the soldiers to a 2p coin then building up a small mound of filler at the base of the model. I then glued some small stones to this mound.


The primed model, next to small stones I used, that I got from the road outside my house.


The almost completed model, just needs some grass.


The fully painted squad.

My first foray into painting miniatures was quite successful. In order to complete the desired 1000 point army, I would need to paint over 30 more men and a variety of other weapons and a vehicle.


In Too Deep


Obviously for security reasons that’s not me, but before all this began I was just as cool. 


This isn’t me either.

It was in May of 2013 that I had my first breakthrough. For several months I had been subtly expressing interest in the war gaming hobby of a couple of nerdy individuals to whom I had been posing as a friend. For the purposes of confidentiality I’ll refer to them only as Matt and Pete. Once I had gained their trust they introduced me to another conspirator Kieron.

My objective was clear: infiltrate the close-knit war gaming circle of these clearly disturbed individuals and find out what it is about war gaming that is so appealing.

For a while all was proceeding as planned, my superiors were pleased, but, as with many undercover operations, I began to sympathise with and understand my subjects, and now, I’m in too deep.

I will use these pages to document all that I see and do.

I can only hope, that soon, those who sent me here will pull me back out.

This is the last of these, promise.

This is the last of these, promise.